INTEC Controls

exterior of a modern buildingProtect Your Building With INTEC Gas Detection Solutions

INTEC Controls is known worldwide for its gas detection solutions along with the other peripherals that it provides. It is perhaps no secret then that it is a leader among building management systems in California, offering some of the best options in the market for those in need of help monitoring gas systems. However, our team would like to show you exactly what it is that makes INTEC Controls stand out as a provider – just give us a call at 951-332-4195 if you would like to learn more about the options it has available. 


Over a Hundred Combined Years of Experience

INTEC Controls provides its gas detection solutions and its other peripherals to the commercial HVAC, energy management, and building automation markets. It is a product brand of Relevant Solutions, and it has over a hundred years of combined experience in the HVAC/R market. 

Reach Out to Our Team

There are many things that make INTEC Controls a top option among building management systems in California, including the hundred years of experience that it brings to the table. Are you interested in INTEC Controls or other brands such as IntelliFront or Viconics? If so, give us a call today at 951-332-4195 to get started with these systems.